Stephen Fry: The Liar

The book that was chosen to start off the new literal season was Stephen Fry´s debut novel The Liar that was released in 1991. The books has not been translated into Finnish, but can be read in Swedish (Lögnaren). Stephen Fry is an English comedian who is also known as an actor, writer, presenter and activist

To put the story briefly: The book is hilarious, entertaining and full of somewhat outrageous scenes. It is a “coming of age” story of a young man Adrian who studies at the Cambridge university in the mid-. Along the story, we come to learn that he is not a very trustworthy personality, and tries to escape the difficult situations by making his own rules that benefit him the most. We as readers could find some resemblance to a character Dorian Gray depicted by Oscar Wilde.

“Not one word of the following is true” are the words that can be found on the introductory page of the book. The message of this sentence (that can often be found at the introductory scene of a film, for example) was becoming clearer along the reading and was making funny twists to the story. Besides, the story evolves more into an espionage story, as a style of James Bond, where multiple characters and events are introduced.

Fry makes many experiments with the English language. If you want to laugh out loud and be sunk into a mad world of a British twisted humour, this one is for you!





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